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Choosing to carry Recovery Threads

You are now one step closer to offering the newest & hottest clothing line available to the recovering community. Our high-quality products are designed by cutting-edge artists and are generating a huge response from members of A.A., N.A., C.A., G.A., C.M.A., M.A., & O.A., and many other anonymous groups. Some designs are specific to a single group, while others offer messages that span all anonymous groups.  

About Recovery Threads

Recovery Threads™ is dedicated to providing the highest quality shirts and clothing to the recovering community. All of our shirts are printed with the highest quality screen & metallic inks using 4 color process. All of our T-Shirts are constructed from 6.1 ounce heavyweight cotton, they are taped shoulder to shoulder, and are double needle hemmed for durability.

We offer clothing with attitude, like our Recovery Threads™ originals and our Anonymi-TEE© Collection. All items from the Anonymi-TEE© Collection offer messages without breaking anonymity.

We currently employ the services of 3 artists, representing many different 12-step programs. It is this special mix that has produced the first designs which are currently enjoying a wildly popular reception amongst the recovering community throughout the mountain states region.

We have completed the design art for a total of 38 designs, most which can be seen on our web site by clicking the "Upcoming!" button below: 

Benefits of Selling Recovery Threads

We are currently seeking to form business relationships with established recovery-based stores & web-based enterprises catering to the 12-step community.

It is our desire to seek established recovery-based outlets because of your infrastructure and ability to offer quick service to those seeking Recovery Threads™ items. It is our desire to work hand-in-hand to produce a wholesale sales program that offers you the highest amount of flexibility, consideration of regional sole-source status, and a pricing structure designed to increase your bottom line. Response to Recovery Threads™ has been considerable, and now we are looking to join forces with people like you.

By carrying Recovery Threads™ products in your 12 step oriented business, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Only a limited number of retail outlets, based on region, will be able to offer Recovery Threads™  in their area.

There's nothing like Recovery Threads, market research proves it!

Extensive market research has found that there are no other clothing manufacturers currently producing products that would compete with the Recovery Threads™ line. The majority of recovery-themed apparel products available are manufactured by large t-shirt printing companies. These companies view the recovering market as "insignificant". As a result, the same designs from the 80's are still being marketed with little or no changes.

Our market research has revealed the following facts about Recovery Threads™:

Recovery Threads™  products have found a huge audience in the 16 to 40 year old demographic.

Recovery Threads™ products and their designs appeal to both sexes.

Recovery Threads™ interest spans A.A., N.A., C.A., G.A., M.A., C.M.A., &O.A.

Recovery Threads™ appeals to everyone from Sober Bikers, Old Timers, Al-Anons, Sponsors, & newcomers.

Recovery Threads™ have become an alternative or addition to chips/medallions when celebrating sobriety birthdays.

Recovery Threads™ have found a nitch, as sponsor-given gifts

Recovery Threads™ Anonymi-TEE© collection is popular, because it offers messages that only addicts/alcoholics understand. Preserving anonymity.

We recognize that the recovering community is ever-changing, yet MUST be strongly rooted in tradition. It is this philosophy that charged the formation of Recovery Threads. We truly believe that recovering people are "not a glum lot" and we absolutely insist on having fun. This belief is strongly evident in all of our designs.

Web Promotion & Internet Exposure For Your 12-Step Business

Recovery Threads employs 2 full-time web site developers, with more than 12 years of combined experience in Internet promotion and web advertising, This fact allows Recovery Threads to maintain top positions in all search engines, thereby creating huge brand awareness within recovery circles. It is this very brand awareness that will bring people into your doors, looking to purchase Recovery Threads' Products. Vendors that have an Internet presence for your stores will be given the opportunity participate, at no additional cost, in our banner program. Recovery Threads designers will produce a banner graphic, promoting your web site, and sending customers to your site. The banner program is just one example of our win-win Internet marketing approach.

Recovery Threads Custom Design Services

Quit Quitting and be Done t-shirtAs a vendor, our unique Custom Design Services Program will be available to you, as a Recovery Threads vendor. The response to Recovery Threads in the Salt Lake City & Las Vegas areas has demonstrated that custom design services, targeting the recovering community are necessary. We anticipate vendors will be approached by local recovery facilities, home groups, and/or Alano clubs, asking about the possibility of getting shirts with Recovery Threads designs on the back, and the facility logo or group name on the front. Recovery Threads is completing the formation of our custom design program.

Vendors will be able to supply Recovery Threads™ with images or sketches and specifications for Custom Garments.  These garments will be maintained as the Vendor's exclusive product and will not be reproduced for other Vendor's or on the Recovery Threads™ web site or shops without written consent from the supplying vendor. 

By maintaining the product as exclusive to that vendor, local recovery facilities, home groups, & clubs will return again and again to you whenever they have a convention, retreat, or other functions. Resale pricing for such garments will be at the sole discretion of the Vendor.

Recovery Threads ® Vendor Requirements

Vendor's wishing to purchase items for resale from Recovery Threads™ must be a licensed business with a valid State Resale / Tax ID or proof of their Non-profit Organization status.  It is preferred that vendor's have a permanent store front. However, we will recognize transient businesses that target recovery conventions, retreats, etc.  Vendor's and Organizations must have no derogatory reports with the Better Business Bureau. A check will be made with the BBB upon return of each application.

Recovery Threads™ does not permit its products to be represented in manners which may be derogatory to its name.  Representation must be maintained in a physical store or in acceptable outside venues (kiosks, booths, tables, etc.) for special activities such as recovery-based conventions, retreats, and/or special events. Only one Recovery Threads™ vendor will be permitted in each 75 mile radius.

Apply to Become a Recovery Threads Vendor

Click the "Apply NOW" button below to fill out and submit an instant online vendor application! Click the "Vendor Pack" button below to download the Recovery Threads™ Vendor Information Package. This package offers wholesale pricing information, contains the Wholesale Vendor Application, and more important information to those prospective vendors. To see the newest designs, feel free to click the "Upcoming!" button to download samples of our upcoming releases! We now accept applications online through our online application.

If you have any doubt as to whether you qualify, please email your questions to  We would be happy to assist you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recovery Threads does not offer wholesale pricing to retail customers. Recovery Threads supports it's vendors and will protect these relationships vigorously.


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